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IHNlogo International Health News provides useful, authoritative on-line information about the latest research in health, nutrition and medicine. We review the world's most respected medical and scientific journals and bring you concise, understandable and timely summaries of the most important discoveries. Our focus is on complementary, alternative and preventive medicine, specifically in regard to diet, exercise and lifestyle. We also report on the latest in the fight against arthritis, cancer, heart disease and other degenerative conditions and keep a sharp eye out for warnings about medical procedures and side effects of pharmaceutical drugs.

Every day medical researchers worldwide make exciting new discoveries which, if you know about them, can make the difference between vibrant health or debilitating disease. There are two ways you can learn about these vital, new discoveries. You can spend hours on the web or in the library sifting through thousands of pages of medical gibberish - most of it irrelevant to your needs - or you can let us do the work and get the information you really need by subscribing to International Health News.

"International Health News is clear, comprehensive and full of extremely practical information. It will help anyone improve their health, avoid unnecessary drugs and surgery and even save money on their food supplements. I highly recommend it!"
Prof. Dr. Hector Solorzano, MD, D.Sc., Professor of Pharmacology, Universidad de Guadalajara, Mexico.
Co-author of "Enzymes: Substances of the Future."

"Practitioners looking for pearls of distilled information in the field of preventative, natural, or complementary medicine will be hard pressed to find a better publication than International Health News. I for one look forward to the issues each month, and always find something of value."
Dr. Michael T. Greenwood, MB, BChir, Victoria, BC, Canada"

"IHN is the best CME (Continuing Medical Education) we get out here. Your choice of articles, the clarity of editing and practical usefulness is unparalleled."
Paul Wangai Jr, MD,, PhD, MPH, FRSH, FICA, FACPM, Consultant Physician, Nairobi, Kenya.

"International Health News is a vital part of any health-related profession. It offers excellent, accurate reviews of current health research. No health professional should be without it."
Michael Beattie, DC, Ontario, Canada.

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