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LAF Book "A highly notable contribution to our knowledge about a disabling disease which can only benefit from physician-patient cooperation."
Professor Philippe Coumel, MD, Chief of Cardiology, Lariboisiere Hospital, Paris, France

"By writing this book, Hans Larsen has provided an invaluable service to anyone who would like to learn more about the symptoms, diagnosis and treatment options of atrial fibrillation. His book is clear, concise, and easy to read for everyone, whether or not they have prior medical training. The personal accounts interspersed with the well-researched and documented chapters add a unique and very relatable aspect to the work. I heartily recommend this book to anyone who wants to improve their own life or the life of a loved one who suffers from atrial fibrillation."
Randy Lewis, WA, USA

"This book is an outstanding and important reference for all afibbers, either veterans or newbies. It is extremely complete, well written, well researched and referenced and easily understood. Had I had access to this book when I first began LAF 7 years ago, I probably would have been spared years of anxiety and despair. The author has done a great service to those with LAF with this substantial endeavour. Every afibber should buy two - one for home and one for the physician."
Jackie Burgess, RDH, OH, USA

"No doctor alive that could possibly make up for the research that you have provided to all burdened with AF."
Professor Alexander Cuthbert, PhD, University of New South Wales, Australia

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Stroke Book Hans Larsen has delighted us again with this elegant and provocative book on the mechanisms of thrombosis and stroke. He is able to explain the intricate mechanisms involved in the underlying causes of thrombosis leading to strokes, then he provides us the clinical tests for each of these entities, and then offers a rational preventive means to alter this process. This book is a rich document replete with abundant references and will have a profound and enduring impact on patients attempting to understand and modify their risks for thrombosis and stroke, especially those with lone atrial fibrillation. Highly recommended, and a necessary supplemental companion for Hans Larsen's Lone Atrial Fibrillation: Towards A Cure.
Norman F. Fisher MD, CA, USA

"Hans Larsen's new book Thrombosis and Stroke Prevention is an outstanding reference work and mandatory reading for any layperson or doctor interested in substantially reducing the risks of coronaries and strokes. It is also an outstanding reference for anyone contemplating surgery, or anyone with serious medical problems."
Frank McCabe, Dublin, Ireland

"Hans Larsen's new book Thrombosis and Stroke Prevention is extremely valuable for those of us with atrial fibrillation and for all adults. Hans clearly explains the body's pathways to form blood clots and to dissolve them, the medications in common use to affect these processes, and the natural alternatives that can be used to help prevent stroke. His analysis will also help to prevent heart attack and blood clots in the lungs. Read this book; it may save your life!"
Sadja Greenwood MD MPH, CA, USA

"Hans Larsen's knowledge on thrombosis and stroke prevention far exceeds that of most conventional medical specialists in this area. This simple to read, cutting edge manual on natural alternatives to stroke prevention is a must read for anyone contemplating anti-coagulation therapy or simply wanting to prevent a stroke."
Michael Lam MD MPH, CA, USA

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The LAF Surveys Who gets lone atrial fibrillation? What causes it? How do you manage it? The LAF surveys, undertaken over a 12-year period, answer these questions.The surveys reveal that lone atrial fibrillation [LAF] is by no means an "old age" disease (average age at diagnosis is 48 years) and that 80% of its victims are male. They also establish which drugs are optimal and which drugs should be shunned by LAF patients. The importance of supplements, particularly magnesium, is thoroughly investigated and protocols used by over 100 LAF patients who have managed to eliminate their atrial fibrillation episodes without ablation or surgery are described. The latest survey presents data for over 1000 catheter ablations and maze procedures and draws clear conclusions regarding the factors affecting success and failure of these procedures.

Hans Larsen began his search for a cure or at least a viable treatment option for lone atrial fibrillation in 2000 by reading all the literature he could find on the subject. As it turned out, medical science did not have a lot to say about it. Essentially, LAF was treated with drugs that had not been specifically designed for LAF and therefore often had a very poor benefit: risk ratio. The options of catheter ablation and maze surgery had just appeared on the horizon but were yet too new to be seriously considered.

Having been involved in major scientific research projects during most of his career Hans decided that the first step on the “road to victory” would have to be to determine the “nature of the beast” and find the answers to questions like:

  • Why do some people get LAF while others don’t?
  • Why do some afibbers have frequent and severe episodes while others get off pretty lightly?
  • Are there afibbers who have overcome their condition without drugs or surgery and, if so, how did they do it?

Although some of the information in the book may appear “dated” there is no reason to believe that triggers for afib, natural protocols for preventing afib, or the general characteristics of afibbers have changed; however, it is clear that great improvements have been made in the fields of catheter ablation and cardiothoracic surgery since the last survey in 2013.

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Prostate Book "The Prostate and Its Problems by Hans Larsen and William Ware tackles these thorny issues in a straightforward, easy to understand manner. The myriad questions are addressed via rigorous research translated into plain English. By sifting through all the medical literature they have presented a more balanced view, one that is both evidence-based and objective. Furthermore, unlike more traditional medical texts there is a strong emphasis on alternative, preventive strategies for avoiding inflammation, hyperplasia and cancer of the prostate. Neither author has received funding for this extraordinarily comprehensive work. Both are true scholars motivated purely by the sheer joy of learning and teaching others, and their total dedication to this goal is readily apparent in every page."
Patrick Chambers, MD, Kailua, Oahu, HI

"Great to have this wonderful book about the prostate problems BACK IN PRINT! It has served me and many of my friends over a decade. Larsen and Ware explain in good, understandable language what most men face with age, even starting in their forties. First, so-called Benign Prostate Hyperplasia, nothing “benign” about that! Later, the scary rise in your PSA number and what it may mean and what it may not indicate. And for those of us who notice sudden jumps in PSA? This “Yellow Bible” about the prostate explains how to communicate as our own advocate with our urologist. If that leads to biopsies (still a very poorly mapped procedure to locate or disprove cancer cells), and if we are out of luck, this tome explains the multitude of possible “next steps”. Tough life-changing decisions have to be made, and my original copy (having been in many of my friends’ sweaty hands) bears proof of diligent reading. Now, I bought the new print, and we can continue with a fresh version. This book is a must for the maturing male consumer, and it also helps you explain to your wife what you are going through, whether it ends with surgery or less invasive procedures. I recommend it highly. I Have Been There!"
John B. Gustavson, Boulder, CO, USA

"The fact you are reading this review indicates you have a need for this book. I have read other books on the prostate; however, this is one that is a must read for anyone needing help, this includes wives as well as, of course, men. The information in The Prostate and Its Problems is without a doubt the best I have read on this subject. With the information contained in this book you are well informed to deal with most doctors on the subject of your prostate. Please remember it is YOUR health and it is YOUR decision to make regarding treatment options. Choose wisely."
E G Beall, NC, USA

"I was impressed with its comprehensiveness. I have been pleased that whenever I have a question about the prostate, I can easily find the answers I need in the book. Distinguishing the symptoms of benign prostate enlargement from those of prostate cancer has been particularly reassuring, as well as being able to understand the influences on and significance of the PSA. I keep your book handy on my bookshelf and am glad to have it to rely upon as needed."
J R Lindsley, MA, USA

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