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Alzheimer's Disease: There Is Hope! Prevention of Alzheimer's Disease
An Alternative Approach to Treatment of Autism Evidence-Based Medicine: Fact or Fantasy?
Heart Disease: Causes, Prevention and Treatment Heart Disease and CRP
Cholesterol and Heart Disease Blood Lipids and Heart Disease
Prevention of Heart Disease Fat and Heart Disease
Statins and Heart Failure Infections and Atherosclerosis
Treatment of Congestive Heart failure Heart Burn and Proton Pump Inhibitors
Cancer: Causes, Prevention and Treatment Milk and the Cancer Connection
Breast Cancer Prevention Radiation Exposure and Cancer Risk
Insulin Resistance and Diabetes Diagnosis of Diabetes and Pre-diabetes
Diabetes - Tree Bark a Sweet Solution? Microvascular Complications of Type 2 Diabetes
SARS: More Questions Than Answers Parkinson's Disease: Is Victory in Sight?
Osteoporosis Inflammation
Air Travel and Deep Vein Thrombosis Traveller's Thrombosis: An Update
Ulcer Drugs and Manuka Honey Lone Atrial Fibrillation: Causes and Management
The Vioxx Saga A Natural Approach to Stroke Prevention

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Alpha-Lipoic Acid: The Universal Antioxidant Antioxidants: The Case for Supplements
Alpha-tocopherol: The Great Protector Vitamin E: Your Heart's Best Friend
Vitamin C: The Ultimate Health Insurance Vitamin D and the Cancer Connection
Beta Carotene: Friend or Foe? Folic Acid: Don't Be Without It!
Coenzyme Q10: The Wonder Nutrient Vitamin K
The Metabolic Tune-UP Vitamin D: A Vital Supplement
Vitamin B12 Vitamin B12 Overload
Melatonin and Cancer Iodine and Cancer


Dietary Fat and Heart Disease The Diet Zoo
Saturated Fat: Friend or Foe? Carbohydrate Restriction
The French Paradox Is Modern Food Still Your Best Medicine?
Milk: The Devil in Disguise? Factory Farming: A View from New Zealand


Aspirin: Benefits and Risks Warfarin: Benefits and Risks
Alternative Health Care in New Zealand Alternative Medicine: Why So Popular?
GH Enhancers: Are They Worth the Risk? Are Showers Detrimental to Your Health?
Faulty Genes: What You Can Do Honey in Skin Healing
Magnetic Fields and Your Health Magnetized Water: Universal Source of Health?
New Technology Boosts Energy Medicine Sunscreens: Do They Cause Skin Cancer?
Botox for the Brain Obesity, an Old problem, a Modern Crisis
Brave New World of Psychotherapy - Part 1 Brave New World of Psychotherapy - Part 2 (Alternatives)


Acupuncture and Yoga Prevention of Breast Cancer
Chinese Medicine Risk Factors for Breast Cancer
Amalgam (Silver) Fillings Diagnosis of Breast Cancer (Mammography)
Cardiac Arrhythmias Treatment of Breast Cancer
Folic Acid Prevention of Prostate Cancer
Fish Oil Risk Factors for Prostate Cancer
Magnesium Diagnosis of Prostate Cancer
Vitamin B12 Treatment of Prostate Cancer
Prevention of Hypertension Diagnosis of Hypertension
Treatment of Hypertension Risk Factors for Hypertension

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Niacin reduces blood clots Crohn's disease linked to folic acid deficiency
Beta-carotene benefits cystic fibrosis patients Thiamine combats hepatitis B
Vitamin C in intermittent claudication Milk upsets blood sugar control
Low DHEA and Sjogren's syndrome Carnitine and thyroxine therapy
Folate helps prevent pneumonia Niacin treats digestive problems
Vasectomy and cardiovascular disease Weather affects rheumatic pain
Folate status in stroke and dementia Potassium in PMS
Folic acid deficiency and Alzheimer's Vitamin B6 and deep-vein thrombosis
Bone loss and protein intake Vegetarians less likely to be overweight
Ayurvedic medicine rverses atherosclerosis Helicobacter pylori eradication
HRT lacks benefits Testing for hypothyroidism
Thyroid hormone and prostate cancer B6 and inflammatory bowel disease
Selenium in cancer prevention Vitamin C increases glutathione
Cognitive function and fats Calcium absorption
Magnesium benefits heart disease patients Glucosamine cream for osteoarthritis
Almonds reduce cholesterol Valsalva maneuver in atrial fibrillation

Serotonin syndrome and SSRIs Magnesium and bypass surgery
Vitamin therapy reduces restenosis Holter monitor identifies sleep apnea
Kidney stones and vitamin C Stroke risk and dietary fats
Pinokinase prevents DVT Arginine cream helps diabetics
Lower blood pressure with exercise Prevent Alzheimer's with antioxidants
Contrast agents and sodium bicarbonate Pycnogenol helps diabetics
Prostate cancer survival Is PSA testing obsolete?
DNA-based colon cancer screening Aluminum build-up from antiperspirants
Polyunsaturated fats and cataracts Vegetarians less likely to be overweight
Nuts for heart health Digoxin and breast cancer
Effectiveness of amiodarone Gamma-tocopherol prevents stroke
Vitamin D deficiency and stroke Efficacy of flecainide
Safety of antiarrhythmics Yoga helps atrial fibrillation patients
IGF-1 associated with increased cancer risk Marijuana cures hiccups
Water softeners and kidney disease Linus Pauling vindicated

Curcumin fights oral cancer Pain killers and warfarin: a lethal combination?
Melatonin facilitates tranquilizer withdrawal Potassium level critical in heart surgery
Lipoic acid: A new cancer fighter? Sweet potato: A new remedy for diabetes?
Does glucosamine sulfate really work? Sunlight does affect your mood
Helicobacter pylori infection implicated in arthritis Codeine linked to acute pancreatitis
Heart patients and sleeping position Proteins for a better sex life
Does mammography screening really save lives? ALS linked to lead exposure
Microwaving destroys vital nutrients Drug interactions with grapefruit
Fo-ti: A possible estrogen replacement? Acupuncture cures chronic hiccups
Determination of fatty acids in heart tissue Natural relief for chemotherapy-induced mouth sores
Melatonin in medicinal herbs N-acetylcysteine to the rescue!
Selenium and lung cancer Healthier teeth with magnetized water
L-arginine helps angina patients Pipe smoking and lung cancer
DHEA helps alleviate adrenal insufficiency Niacin treatment increases homocysteine
SAMe: A promising new supplement Cancer risk factor
An onion a day keeps lung cancer away Schizophrenia and cancer

Is there a link between hepatitis and rheumatoid arthritis? Time-release vitamin C is better
Testosterone and Parkinson's disease Paleolithic diet and alpha-lipoic acid for glaucoma
MSG implicated in fibromyalgia High protein diet benefits diabetics
Folic acid may promote cancer Chondroitin and glucosamine for osteoarthritis
Fluoride in drinking water and hypothyroidism Eggs and risk of type 2 diabetes
Mortality associated with breast cancer surgery Testosterone therapy and risk of cardiovascular events
Mercury in skin-lightening products Pesticide levels and risk of Alzheimer's disease
Curcumin successfully treats rheumatoid arthritis Reversal of type 2 diabetes
Hyperbaric oxygen for stroke recovery Cholesterol and stroke risk
Elevated blood glucose and pancreatic cancer Inappropriate antibiotics use for sore throat
Vitamin D reduces recurrent ear infections in young children Vitamin D levels and breast cancer
Vitamin B12 and cognitive decline Blood pressure and risk of coronary heart disease in diabetics
Mercury exposure in young adults and future diabetes Vitamin D and stroke
Aspirin use and age-related macular degeneration Egg consumption - Good or bad?
Painless alternative to the dentist's drill Fish oils and heart rate variability

Bees be warned Lycopene protects against heart attacks
Antioxidants counteract effects of fatty meals What can DHEA do for you?
Vitamin E reduces arthritis pain Vitamin C protects against pneumonia
Major new risk factor for heart disease Sudden infant death syndrome linked to mother's smoking
Chromium supplements - Are they beneficial or harmful? Quercetin - A potent cancer fighter
Genetic engineering kills ladybirds Green tea prevents cancer
Passive smoking kills Grapefruit juice and medications
Aromatherapy in cancer treatment Insulin-like growth factor 1 implicated in prostate cancer
Temperature sensitive pads detect breast cancer Supplements and cancer treatment
Amalgam fillings and hearing loss A cure for MALT lymphoma

Vitamins help prevent colon cancer Saunas and Legionnaire's disease
Chromium picolinate may benefit diabetics Walkers live longer
Early warning signal for prostate cancer Your brain needs DHA
Expose your knees and cure depression Iron intake and coronary heart disease
Iron accelerates atherosclerosis Sports drinks lack magnesium
HIV and AIDS patients lack antioxidants Fat intake and risk of breast cancer
Vitamins help prevent brain tumors in children Prozac overrated and addictive
Folic acid and vitamin B6 help prevent heart attacks High calcium intake linked to prostate cancer
Vitamin C and Helicobacter pylori Vitamin E intake and atherosclerosis
Milk thistle and liver disease Smoking ban doesn't reduce restaurant sales
Vitamin E and chronic hepatitis B Some bacteria thrive on disinfectants
Prooxidant effects of vitamin C Mistletoe in cancer therapy
Hydrazine sulfate in cancer therapy Coenzyme Q10 prevents stroke damage
St. John's Wort and sunlight Vitamin C improves lung function
Walking is good for the prostate Lead poisoning from Kombucha tea

Shock stops arrhythmia Drinking water and blood pressure
Memory loss linked to vitamin E deficiency Licorice reduces testosterone
Psyllium benefits diabetics Raynaud's phenomenon linked to homocysteine level
Antidepressants and NSAIDs - Caution advised Macular degeneration and Alzheimer's
Older patients require lower doses of drugs Atherosclerosis and folic acid
Helicobacter pylori and vitamin B12 deficiency NAC - The ultimate hangover remedy
Vitamin C and second-hand smoke Use of barium enemas questioned
Whey protein helps beat stress Spontaneous conversion of lone atrial fibrillation
Safety and efficacy of vitamins Thiamin and congestive heart failure
Safety of cell phones revisited Aspirin versus warfarin
All you need to know about antidepressants Spironolactone and heart failure
Nutrition bars may interfere with warfarin therapy Ear infection linked to acid reflux
Supplement helps prevent congestive heart failure Light therapy involving knee not effective
Amalgam dental fillings are a health hazard Vitamins C and E prevent lipid peroxidation
Niacin helps diabetics Curcumin and chemotherapy

Deferred treatment safe for low-grade prostate cancer Chromium and heart disease
Vitamin D helps prevent gum disease Warfarin-related bleeding incidence on the rise
Herbal medicines in Europe Antibiotics overprescribed for children
Vitamin D supplementation recommended Treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome
Watch television and get fat! Herbal medicines - Are they safe?
Folic acid and homocysteine Diet and heart disease
Cancer prevention increases heath care costs Red wine protects against atherosclerosis
Natural vitamin E is best Plantago ovata for ulcerative colitis
Aluminum and Alzheimer's disease Garlic and hot peppers do not eradicate Helicobacter pylori
Childhood asthma linked to trans-fatty acids IGF-1 linked to colon cancer
Apple juice cure for gallstones Vitamin D deficiency implicated in severe muscle disease
The many health benefits of coenzyme Q10 Alternative cancer treatments
Green tea extract protects against sunburn Vitamin C and longevity
Calcium citrate helps improve cholesterol profile Herbal medicines - Are they safe?
IGF-1 implicated in bladder cancer Rye bread may help protect against diabetes

Homocysteine and heart disease Cadmium linked to diabetes
Accuracy of pedometers Update on DHEA
High homocysteine level linked to poor pregnancy outcome High salt intake linked to cataracts
Heart failure and low DHEA Trigeminal neuralgia linked to amalgam fillings
Genetic component of cancer Prostate cancer - To treat or not to treat?
Carnitine and thyroxine therapy Vitamin deficiency implicated in Alzheimer's disease
Osteoarthritis and glucosamine sulfate Crohn's disease patients lack antioxidants
Parkinson's disease linked to personality Prostate biopsies often unnecessary
Fish consumption and depression Magnets help disinfect swimming pools
Ritalin controversy Processed foods linked to ulcerative colitis
All bottled waters are not equal Niacin and intermittent claudication
Ear syringing - Proceed with caution Explosive growth in alternative medicine
Diabetes and beta-carotene deficiency Nothing wrong with a healthy tan
Shark cartilage helps scleroderma symptoms Epileptics may benefit from aromatherapy
Are afternoon naps bad for your health? Testosterone supplementation and prostate cancer

Vitamin E deficiency widespread in the United States Gel alleviates symptoms of Raynaud's syndrome
Dietary risk factors for Parkinson's disease Glutathione helps protect heart disease patients
Ginseng extract helps prevent flu Heart rate recovery predicts heart disease and mortality
Daily treatment may be unnecessary for mild asthma patients Glucosamine - Buyer beware!
Vitamin D deficiency in southern Florida Design of the SELECT trial
Possible prostate cancer link to low-fat milk Second-hand smoke nearly as damaging as smoking itself
Supplementary vitamin D may prevent fractures Computerized medication dispensing systems do not improve safety
Kidney stone risk can be reduced through diet Breast cancer linked to depression
Mediterranean diet adds years to your life RDA for selenium may need revision
Vitamin C requirement increases during pregnancy HRT increases risk and severity of stroke
Maggots to the rescue Contrast agents and sodium bicarbonate
Parkinson's patients on l-dopa need folic acid IGF-1 linked to breast cancer
Calcium and vitamin D prevent bone fractures Long-term creatine supplementation is safe
Gallbladder disease risk increased by estrogen therapy Colonoscopy remains gold standard in cancer detection
Vitamin C and cancer therapy Shorter work shifts imperative for interns

Homocysteine level strongly related to cognitive decline Cholesterol-lowering diet can compete with drugs
Diabetes protects against prostate cancer St. John's wort as effective as paroxetine
Rice bran oil may help lower cholesterol Anti-inflammatories and antioxidants limit risks of metabolic syndrome
Periodontal bacteria linked to risk of cardiovascular disease All forms of vitamin E work together to prevent Alzheimer's disease
Breast cancer linked to stress Let them eat dirt!
Vitamin E in heart disease and cancer prevention Review finds high intakes of vitamins E and C are safe
Aspirin and cardiovascular protection in women Parents should not rely solely on sunscreens
Runners need to monitor fluid intake Acupuncture may relieve pelvic pain in pregnancy
Vitamin B12 increases efficiency of folic acid Antibiotics disturb intestinal flora
Taurine may help prevent atherosclerosis Vitamin E studies and mortality
Plant sterols + exercise improve cholesterol profile Prostate cancer linked to inflammation
Soy intake and cholesterol levels Folic acid protects the heart
Fish oils in cancer prevention Angiotensin II receptor blocker helps prevent stroke
Fruits and veggies help prevent fibrocystic breast lumps Acupuncture effective in treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee
Vitamin C helps prevent heart disease Green tea extract - A superior source of polyphenols
Margarine and cholesterol levels A rational approach to prostate cancer treatment

Age-related decline in testosterone levels Guns in the home - A dangerous situation
Polyunsaturated fatty acids don't compete over benefits Diet adherence more important than method
Younger siblings protect against multiple sclerosis Refined carbohydrates increase stroke risk
Dietary magnesium lowers colorectal cancer risk Red and processed meat linked to colorectal cancer
Folate may prevent hypertension in women Traffic is a killer
Nuts help prevent gallstones N-acetylcysteine helps prevent kidney damage
Vitamin E supplementation and vitamin K levels Vitamin E may help prevent diabetes
Sprouts are good for you Caffeine and diabetes
Acupressure effective in treatment of low back pain Yogurt suppresses Helicobacter pylori
Antioxidants help prevent side effect of chemotherapy Osteoporosis and zinc
New drug for prostate cancer prevention Eating slowly is better for digestion
Footwear linked to risk of falls Herbal remedy alleviates dementia
Alcohol consumption increases risk of abortion Natural folates poorly absorbed
Lack of magnesium and heart disease Congestive heart failure linked to NSAIDs
Surgery for Parkinson's disease? Glutathione helps intermittent claudication

Breast cancer linked to use of antibiotics Hyperbaric oxygen helps heart patients
Lycopene helps protect women against heart disease Homocysteine linked to heart disease in women
Riboflavin benefits Parkinson's patients Mammography information questioned
Perils of cholecystectomy Testosterone and Alzheimer's disease
Trans-fatty acids linked to inflammation Iodized salt essential
Calcium and vitamin D prevent colon cancer Aspirin-induced asthma is common
Vitamin B6 and heart disease NSAIDs and ulcers
Guidelines for preventing heart disease and stroke Selenium and prostate cancer risk
Digoxin doubles mortality among atrial fbrillation patients Dangerous combinations of blood thinners
Adverse effects of dronedarone Diltiazem for permanent atrial fibrillation
Danger of stopping aspirin therapy Lower blood pressure with potassium
All milk is not the same More on DVT and air travel
Paradoxical pharmacology makes waves Vitamin C and longevity
Magnesium helps prevent heart disease Vitamin C prevents stroke
Mercury sources and toxicity High pulse rate associated with increased mortality

Parkinson's disease linked to iron intake Melatonin improves sleep
All cheeses are not equal Lycopene helps prevent colon cancer
Magnesium helps prevent diabetes Fish consumption lowers heart rate
Vitamin D helps prevent multiple sclerosis Diagnostic x-rays and cancer
Glucosamine and chondroitin in knee osteoarthritis The brain and carbohydrates
Chronic fatigue syndrome recognized as major health problem Effective cholesterol reduction with dietary changes
Timing of antioxidant supplementation is important Quinolones may increase risk of Achilles tendon rupture
Fructose intolerance may be root of bowel problems Connection between heart disease and iron questioned
Iron supplementation in pregnancy Cholesterol protective in older people
Magnesium helps abort severe asthma attacks Selenium absorption by prostate tissue
UK doctors' knowledge of radiation exposure Cancer trends in the USA
Folic acid and B vitamins help prevent breast cancer Mastectomy versus lumpectomy - No survival difference
Zinc status difficult to measure Vitamin C improves iron absorption
Daily multivitamin benefits diabetics Prostate cancer and antioxidants
Supplements in prevention of rheumatoid arthritis Meal composition and blood levels of amino acids

Chinese herb benefits arthritis patients Vitamin C and E help stop atherosclerosis
Slippers and hip fractures Vitamin E helps prevent Alzheimer's disease
DHEA helps alleviate schizophrenia symptoms Congestive heart failure and homocysteine
Aspirin and colon cancer Test predicts risk of prostate cancer
Exercise and GERD Prostate cancer: Risk factors and prevention
Treatment for polycystic ovary syndrome Homocysteine reduction with folic acid
Vitamin D helps prevent hip fractures Skin health and nutrition
Lycopene helps prevent atherosclerosis Is fast food addictive?
ADA fighting mercury battle Glucosamine sulfate works for osteoarthritis
Metabolic syndrome and stress IGF-1 and advanced prostate cancer
Homocysteine and congestive heart failure Crohn's disease and antioxidants
Sleep requirements genetically ordained Thyroid hormone implicated in heart disease
Frequent use of painkillers and hypertension Vitamin results discouraging
Antioxidants help prevent cognitive decline Homocysteine and stroke risk
Results of ramipril trial questioned Potassium deficiency linked to stroke

The demise of PC-SPES PC-SPES reborn?
Soy products and stomach cancer Exercise prevents glucose intolerance
Test helps predict Alzheimer's disease Bypass surgery and brain damage
Sugar, glycemic load and pancreatic cancer Curcumin fights cancer
Short walks are effective Another aspirin warning
Natriuretic peptides and heart disease Antioxidant protects against kidney damage
Almonds reduce risk of heart disease Nicotine lozenge for smoking cessation
Accurate test for Cushing's syndrome Mind control by parasites
Will global warming cause malnutrition? Effectiveness of vitamin B12 supplementation
Supplements and heart disease Promising treatment of Alzheimer's disease
Problems with in vitro fertilization Table for glycemic index and load
Potassium salt helps prevent bone loss Test predicts sudden cardiac death
Vitamin E protects against atherosclerosis Glycemic index in health and disease
Oxidative stress and Alzheimer's disease Stress in the work place
Second hand smoke and feline cancer Health benefits of walking

Iron controversy continues Oxidative stress - Causes and prevention
Oatmeal porridge is better for you Accuracy of ear temperature questioned
Vitamin E protects against Alzheimer's disease Vitamin B12 deficiency easy to avoid
Physically fit men suffer fewer strokes Coenzyme Q10 prevents migraines
Air bags offer little protection in a crash Acupuncture comes of age - in the West!
Doctors ignore impaired glucose tolerance Sun avoidance increases cancer risk
Vitamin B12 deficiency and Alzheimer's disease Whey protein combats stress
Water protects against heart disease Celiac disease common in type 1 diabetes patients
Magnesium sulfate prevents eclampsia Surgery for osteoarthritis of knee found ineffective
Ma huang may be dangerous to your health Vitamin D insufficiency in Canadians
Even young people deficient in vitamin D Antioxidants help prevent Alzheimer's disease
Guidelines for prevention of heart disease and stroke Inflammation linked to sleep apnea
Rapid, painless test for breast cancer Folic acid and depression
Mammography debate rages on Fish oils and heart disease
Vitamin C protects against cataracts Trans-fatty acids implicated in sudden death

Natural cholesterol-lowering agent Vitamin C benefits congestive heart failure patients
Exercise and live longer! How much sleep does one need?
Probiotics prevent atopic eczema Fish oils protect against sudden death
Supplements for diabetes Vitamins C and E prevent atherosclerosis
Skin cancer risk is now predictable Vitamin B12 deficiency and ulcer drugs
Hypnotherapy effective for irritable bowel syndrome Growth hormone benefits children with cystic fibrosis
Folic acid protects against leukemia Perils of infertility treatments
Tomato sauce and prostate cancer Benefits of a daily aspirin
Movies and smoking Diet and osteoporosis
Miscarriages and EMFs Vitamin C protects against stomach cancer
Atherosclerosis and fatty acids Grain fortification with vitamin B12?
Air pollution and birth defects Risk factors for stomach ulcers
Calcium and kidney stones Sun lamps and skin cancer
Breast cancer and hormone replacement therapy High protein diet benefits diabetics
Air pollution linked to asthma in children Is Alzheimer's disease preventable?

Irritable bowel syndrome and celiac disease Lycopene and atherosclerosis
Drug salesmen may unduly influence your doctor Hormone replacement therapy linked to dry eye syndrome
Mammography debate continues Antioxidants and macular degeneration
Aspirin and warfarin in stroke prevention Sticky blood slows you down
National Academy of Sciences recommends vitamin intake Lung function and gas cooking stoves
School teachers and autoimmune disorders DHEA levels and longevity
Colon cancer linked to cholesterol Physical activity and breast cancer risk
Fibromyalgia linked to nervous system dysfunction Homocysteine and coronary artery disease
Salmonella common in ground meats Selenium prevents prostate cancer
Melatonin and tardive dyskinesia Herb conquers hay fever
Vitamin E supplementation - Are you taking the right one? Diabetes and vitamin D
Low cholesterol levels may not benefit older people Alternative medicine in ear, nose and throat disorders
Angioplasty and inflammation Cancer and inflammation
Fish consumption reduces lung cancer risk Recommended vitamin C intake increased
Stroke patients may be better off at home Obesity and exercise

Prostate cancer and lycopene Chinese herb proven in arthritis therapy
Breast cancer and electromagnetic radiation Vitamin E protects against heart disease
Calcium and prostate cancer Adverse reactions to Cipro (ciprofloxacin)
PC-SPES: A cure for prostate cancer Leeches back in vogue
Antioxidants and peripheral arterial disease Folic acid prevents breast cancer
Alternative therapies and Parkinson's disease Testosterone replacement in men
Trans-fatty acids implicated in diabetes Beta-carotene and breast cancer
Vitamin E protects against heart disease Vitamin E benefits diabetics
Impotence linked to cigarette smoking Probiotics and inflammatory diseases
Delirium and drugs Helicobacter pylori implicated in pancreatic cancer
Homocysteine and longevity Diabetes linked to inflammation
COX-2 inhibitors may not be heart healthy Glucarate and breast cancer prevention
Soy-based formulas are safe Comparison of prostate cancer treatments
Vitamin C prevents cataracts Black tea is good for heart patients
Cataracts and multivitamins Prostate cancer and osteoporosis linked

Sun exposure prevents prostate cancer Vitamin E and homocysteine
Antibiotics and probiotics PSA screening revisited
Antioxidant emulsion cures scaly skin (ichthyosis) Diabetes is preventable
Oral contraceptives and smoking Walking helps prevent heart disease
Prevention of prednisone-induced osteoporosis Antioxidants reduce radiation injuries
Mortality and impaired glucose tolerance Claudication patients benefit from propionyl-L-carnitine
Vitamin D and calcium lower blood pressure The GlucoWatch for hypoglycemia
Circadian variation in pulmonary embolism Exercise and heart disease - Perseverance counts
Ginseng and blood sugar Night work increases breast cancer risk
Probiotics help prevent allergies Asthma associated with C-section birth
St. John's wort in major depression Drug dosages are often excessive
Vitamins help prevent diabetes Vitamin B12 deficiency and breast cancer
Soy products prevent hot flashes Folic acid protects against pancreatic cancer
Bypass surgery creates mental problems DHEA helps prevent heart disease
Vitamin B6 lowers lung cancer risk Ginkgo biloba and intermittent claudication

Food poisoning from tuna burgers Ipriflavone for osteoporosis
Vanadyl sulfate benefits diabetics An apple a day may not keep cancer away
Folic acid requirements defined Chronic itchy skin disease yields to hot pepper
Treatment for irritable bowel syndrome Obesity rampant among British children
Support for an increased vitamin D intake Fibromyalgia and the autonomic nervous system
Herbal therapy for premenstrual syndrome Vitamin C combats hypertension
Breast cancer in women under 40 years Mercury linked to heart disease
Selenium in cancer prevention Get your vitamin D from the sun
NIH recommend second look at vitamin C Osteoporosis drugs and stomach ulcers
Blood donors do not have fewer heart attacks Folic acid helps heart disease patients
Chondroitin sulfate works Glucosamine sulfate combats osteoarthritis
N-acetylcysteine benefits heart patients Soy protein lowers heart disease risk
All yogurts are not the same Breast cancer mortality and mammography
Aspirin - Treat with care! Folic acid and heart disease
New world requirements for vitamin A Sunscreens and melanoma

Gamma-tocopherol more effective than alpha-tocopherol Are dietary guidelines inadequate?
Echinacea safe in pregnancy Digoxin may worsen atrial fibrillation
Vitamin E helps prevent lung cancer Magnesium benefits heart patients
More on breast cancer and paroxetine Antibiotic combats Alzheimer's disease
Adverse reactions to ma huang Dialysis patients need vitamin E
Older women may benefit from mammography Appetite suppressants associated with stroke
Melatonin supplementation not warranted for CFS patients Oxidative stress associated with cognitive decline
Testosterone therapy helps angina patients Mortality and blood pressure in older people
Hormone replacement therapy increases cardiovascular risk National Cancer Institute funds alternative therapy studies
Non-invasive test for atherosclerosis St. John's wort found effective
Vitamin C a must for smokers New recommended intakes for antioxidants
Tamoxifen and endometrial cancer Mineral water - A highly effective source of calcium
Lycopene and cancer Homocysteine - Cause or effect?
Breast cancer surgery revisited Aging and antioxidants
Carrots and tomatoes protect against lung cancer DHEA replacement therapy is safe

Even low-dose aspirin may cause bleeding Vitamin C fights lung cancer
Heart disease in women is preventable Dental alloys affect cellular energy production
Variables in calcium absorption Sales of herbal medicines soar
Calcium - How much is enough? Acupuncture treatment for cocaine dependency
Urinary incontinence linked to hysterectomy Take vitamins and live longer
Spotlight on thiols Clinical trial of homeopathy yields favourable results
Glutamine and arginine help immune system Laxative may prevent colon cancer
Aluminum in drinking water linked to Alzheimer's disease Vitamin C protects against cancer
Colostrum research intensifies Aspirin and heart disease
Alzheimer's disease is predictable Antidepressants and breast cancer
Vitamin D deficiency in Australia Magnesium and heart surgery in children
Beta-carotene and cancer Vegetarian diet lowers homocysteine
Hormone replacement therapy and risk of surgery Vitamin C helps healing of wrist fractures
Diabetics benefit from high fiber diet Coffee helps prevent Parkinson's disease
Risk factors for gout Hormone replacement therapy increases risk of blood clots

Supplementation recommendations for chronic fatigue syndrome Vitamin C helps prevent diabetes
Eat your broccoli and avoid prostate cancer Acupuncture acts directly on the brain
Ginseng in prevention and treatment of diabetes Vitamin C prevents gallstones
Antidepressants - Why bother? Meningitis outbreak linked to mass vaccination
Vitamin C helps prolong life Folate deficiency linked to Alzheimer's disease
Vitamins protect against sunburn Low blood pressure linked to depression
Chinese herb alleviates rheumatoid arthritis Drug reaction involving calcium tablets
Premature death linked to abnormal heart rate recovery Vitamin B12 resolves shaky-leg syndrome
Successful treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome Quick, in-office test for Helicobacter pylori
Complementary medicine in Australia Many benefits of tea
Important herb/drug interactions Olestra may distort test results
Antibiotics linked to breast cancer Estrogen replacement therapy does not halt Alzheimer's disease
Heart transplant patients should avoid St. John's wort Heart disease and high carbohydrate diets
Heart disease linked to viral infections Is depression useful?
Mammography and hormone replacement therapy Creatine boosts physical performance

Effects of prostatectomy can be devastating St. John's wort and depression
B vitamins and atherosclerosis Vitamin E and heart disease
Simple measures to avoid heart attack Exercise combats effects of aging
Painless blood glucose measurements GABA levels low in depression
Folates and cancer prevention Homeopathy revisited
Suicide and handgun ownership Helicobacter pylori and iron deficiency anemia
Testosterone levels and prostate cancer Prayer helps heart patients
Stomach complaints common among Canadians Iodine deficiency common in Australia
Epstein-Barr virus implicated in breast cancer Vitamin K deficiency in cystic fibrosis
Fish oils help prevent sudden cardiac death Echinacea for the common cold
Egg yolks - Good source of lutein Lutein may prevent cataracts
High homocysteine levels associated with stroke Selenium and lung cancer
Adrenaline secretion in panic attacks For really fast action chew your aspirin
New, painless test for breast cancer Deaths attributed to contaminated acetaminophen
Ectopic pregnancy linked to induced abortion Herb and drug interactions
Vitamin C and kidney stones DHEA protects against prostate cancer
Potassium levels critical in heart surgery Energy medicine device detects breast cancer
Cholesterol reduction in heart attack victims High protein intake linked to osteoporosis
Cooking in iron pots combats anemia

Vitamin C helps combat bacterial infections Scurvy in cancer patients
Natural progesterone for premenstrual syndrome (PMS) Vigorous exercise linked to atrial fibrillation
Chinese medicine alleviates irritable bowel syndrome Heart disease and the Mediterranean diet
Do sunscreens promote melanoma? Resistance training improves cardiovascular fitness

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