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Vitamins help prevent colon cancer

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON. Researchers at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center report that men and women who take vitamins lower their risk of developing colon cancer. Their study involved 444 patients with colon cancer and 427 controls. The researchers assessed the participants' intake of multivitamins and individual vitamin supplements for a 10-year period ending two years before the diagnosis of cancer. They conclude that people who took multivitamins daily during the 10-year study period had half the risk of developing colon cancer than did participants who had not taken multivitamins. People who took an average of 200 IU or more of vitamin-E per day reduced their risk by 57 per cent. The authors point out that vitamin users are usually more health- conscious than non-users and suggest that more research is needed before any public health recommendations can be made.
Macready, Norra. Vitamins associated with lower colon-cancer risk. The Lancet, November 15, 1997, p. 1452

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