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Glucarate and breast cancer prevention

LAWRENCEVILLE, NEW JERSEY. So far the "war on cancer" initiated by President Nixon in 1971 has had a fairly limited success. In 1971 a total of 635,000 new cases of cancer was diagnosed in the USA; by the year 2000 this number had risen to 1,225,000 – an increase of 93 per cent. The number of new cases of breast cancer has increased by about 61 per cent since 1973 and now stands at 184,000 annually. A 1991 report issued by the US Government Accounting Office concluded that there had been no progress in the prevention of breast cancer or in reducing mortality from breast cancer.

Researchers at the Simone Protective Cancer Institute point out that perhaps 90 per cent of all cancers are caused by dietary or nutritional factors. It is also clear that inadequate removal or detoxification of carcinogenic substances in the body plays a significant role in cancer initiation and progression. Evidence is mounting that a simple natural compound, glucarate, found in many vegetables and fruits is very effective in boosting the immune system and detoxifying the body. Calcium glucarate converts to D-glucaric acid in the stomach and is the precursor of the enzyme glucuronyl transferase. This enzyme binds to carcinogens like polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, nitrosamines, and steroids and safely excretes them. Animal experiments have found glucarate effective in inhibiting cancers of the colon, skin, lung, and breast and it alone or in combination with vitamin A has been found to inhibit the growth of human breast cancer cells. Glucarate is effective in doses from 1 gram/kg of body weight to 27 grams/kg of body weight.
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