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"A treasurehouse of the latest information in health and nutrition. The author is an international expert in the field with long experience in abstracting research reports from journals into usable, information-dense capsules. He has an eye for what is most interesting to the reader, and a balanced, credible viewpoint."
Marshall Zaslove, MD, California, USA. Best-selling author of "The Successful Physician - A Productivity Handbook for Practitioners."

"International Health News is a vital part of any health-related profession. It offers excellent, accurate reviews of current health research. No health professional should be without it."
Dr. Michael Beattie, DC, Ontario, Canada

"Can't keep up with current medical research? Here is a trustworthy review of the literature that I highly recommend. Physicians and patients interested in complementary medicine will find International Health News invaluable."
Dr. Stephen Malthouse, MD, President, The Canadian Complementary Medicine Association

"I have been reading and enjoying International Health News for years. I highly recommend this organized, insightful, and well-referenced compendium. Whether you are a healthcare professional staying on the cutting edge of integrative medicine or simply someone wanting greater control over their own health destiny, the INH Yearbook 2000 will be an invaluable resource now and in the years to come."
Marcus Laux, N.D. Clinical professor, television host, Wellness Watch, California, USA. Author of "Natural Woman, Natural Menopause", HarperCollins, 1997.

"International Health News is clear, comprehensive and full of extremely practical information. It will help anyone improve their health, avoid unnecessary drugs and surgery and even save money on their food supplements. I highly recommend it!"
Prof. Dr. Hector Solorzano, MD, D.Sc., Professor of Pharmacology, Universidad de Guadalajara, Mexico. Co-author of "Enzymes: Substances of the Future."

"International Health News is the best CME (Continuing Medical Education) we get out here. Your choice of articles, the clarity of editing and practical usefulness is unparalleled."
Dr. Paul Wangai, Jr, MD, Nairobi, Kenya

"Practitioners looking for pearls of distilled information in the field of preventative, natural, or complementary medicine will be hard pressed to find a better publication than International Health News. I for one look forward to the issues each month, and always find something of value."
Dr. Michael T. Greenwood, MB, BChir, Victoria, BC, Canada

"I really appreciate your work in compiling the medical abstracts and articles contained in International Health News. I am recommending IHN to my colleagues!"
Joseph S. Uniat, DDS, MSc, ND, CNC, California, USA

"Thanks for your prompt response and the references. Your summary was excellent even before the addition of all the references! Compelling and persuasive stuff. I enjoy IHN very much; thanks for putting together such a valuable resource."
MM, La Grange, KY, USA

"I must congratulate you for the Research Report on heart disease. I am a physician devoted to health education and find it excellent."
J P-R, MD, Madrid, Spain

"Thank you for publishing the article on sunscreens. It is a well balanced, informative, well written and sensible article with some very handy and practical steps to follow - I shall be telling my friends and carers about it. Thank you.
A.W, Queensland, Australia.

"... I read many newsletters and commend you on the very high contents of the issue I saw."
RC, New Rochelle, New York, USA

"Another great issue! I really enjoy your magazine and find the articles to be very well written, researched and pertinent. Keep up the good work!"
RVM, PhD, New York, NY, USA

"...By the way, I wish I wish I could get some of the physicians I see to subscribe. I think more of them would if they became computer literate. On a number of occasions, equipped with info from Health News, I have been able to suggest treatment possibilities to them. Once again, thank you for your excellent service to subscribers.
B.S., NASA, Florida, USA

"...I am absolutely thrilled to have found your web site, it's fantastic! Keep up the good work!
P.P., Auckland, New Zealand

"We have recently started India's first Health Education Library for patients. We would like to subscribe to your superb magazine, so that we can provide our users with the latest in accurate health information."
A.M, MD, Bombay, India.

"Thank you for your excellent work! I especially enjoyed the article on Atrial Fibrillation and you did a very thorough job of it."
DF, Houston, Texas, USA

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