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hans larsen Hans Larsen is a Professional Engineer and holds a Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering from the Technical University of Denmark. He developed a lifelong interest in biochemistry and nutrition through his early studies with Professor Henrik Dam, the Nobel Prize-winning discoverer of vitamin K. Later he honed his technical writing skills by abstracting for Chemical Abstracts then the world’s largest abstracting service.

After a rewarding career in research and management in the petrochemical industry, Hans Larsen retired and in 1992 began publishing International Health News, first in printed form and then exclusively on the Internet. After being diagnosed with lone atrial fibrillation, a disorder now reaching epidemic proportions, he launched The AFIB Report and the website and Bulletin Board in order to share his research findings with fellow afibbers.

In December 2002 Hans published his first book Lone Atrial Fibrillation: Towards A Cure. A revised edition of Lone Atrial Fibrillation: Towards a Cure was published in November 2015. Hans' first book was followed by Thrombosis and Stroke Prevention - 3rd Edition – a layman’s guide to the causes and prevention of ischemic stroke published in 2018. Both books have achieved considerable popularity among atrial fibrillation patients. In 2006 Hans Larsen and William R. Ware PhD published The Prostate and its Problems , a comprehensive 425 page book covering all aspects of prostate-related disorders. Hans' latest book The LAF Surveys was published in 2020.

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