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Bill Ware The editor of International Health News, William Ware, is an emeritus professor of chemistry at the University of Western Ontario in London. He received a Ph.D. in nuclear chemistry and physical chemistry from the University of Rochester and subsequently held academic positions at San Diego State University and the University of Minnesota. He was enticed to move to Canada in 1971 to join five other senior professors in forming the Photochemistry Unit, a research institute within the Chemistry Department of the University of Western Ontario devoted to basic research in photochemistry, photophysics, photobiology and spectroscopy.

His research was mainly concentrated in the fields of fast reactions of excited molecules and time-resolved fluorescence spectroscopy. He was also involved as principal investigator in the clinical testing of a novel fluorescent technique for the diagnosis of cancer. In 1980 he served on the faculty of the NATO Advanced Study Institute at St. Andrews, Scotland, which was devoted to time-resolved fluorescence spectroscopy in biology and biochemistry. He has authored over one hundred scientific papers and reviews and edited three volumes of the series Creation and Detection of the Excited State, a series published by Marcel Dekker.

Retirement provided an opportunity to devote considerable time to another interest, preventive and complementary medicine, approached from an evidence-based point of view. Access to the world's medical literature through the University Library, coupled with the background derived from a career in basic research, enabled this interest to flourish and eventually led to the writing of a number of research reviews for International Health News. Bill resides in London, Ontario with his wife Hannah. When not researching and writing about health issues he collects, restores and deals in both antique and modern stringed instruments and their bows.

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