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vitamin bottles Xtendlife is a highly respected New Zealand based supplement manufacturer with an intriguing, well-formulated line of supplements not generally available from manufacturers in North America. Xtendlife is somewhat unique these days in that it does not outsource the manufacture and quality control of its products, but makes and tests them in its own, state-of-the-art facilities in New Zealand.

Xtendlife really is quite a unique company and from personal experience I know that their products are second to none. They have just launched a new line of all-natural skin care products, which you may find well worth trying. I am not that into skin care products myself (Nivea will do for me), but Judi raves about these new products so I would urge you to give them a try - with the unsurpassed return policy there really is nothing to lose and a healthy, youthful, vibrant skin to gain! AND - as icing on the cake - xtendlife has agreed to give me a commission on all products sold through this web page; so every time you use one of their excellent supplements or skin care products you will also be supporting the continued publication of International Health News. Truly a win/win arrangement!!

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My Favourite Xtendlife Products

Total Balance Unisex
Complete nutrient system for men and women
Total Balance for Men
Unique, complete anti-aging nutrient system for men
Total Balance for Women
Unique, complete anti-aging nutrient system for women
Total Balance - Men's Premium
Premium complete nutrient system
Total Balance - Women's Premium
Premium complete nutrient system
Foaming Facial Cleanser
Cleanses and tones your skin in one step
Green-lipped Mussel Powder
Combats inflammation and joint pain
Helps ensure superb digestion
Neuro-Natural Sleep
Promotes healthy, restful sleep
Omega-3 DHA Fish Oil Premium
DHA-rich fish oil with antioxidants
Omega-3/QH Ultra
NZ fish oil with coenzyme-Q10 (ubiquinol)

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Womens Skincare Overview

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