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Here is what your fellow afibbers had to say about Lone Atrial Fibrillation: Towards a Cure

LAF Book "Hans Larsen's book on lone atrial fibrillation is unique and extremely useful; the reader will find hope, help and solid information on the condition and its treatments. The table of contents illustrates the comprehensive nature of his exploration, combining personal stories of dealing with atrial fibrillation with a thorough explanation of the working of the heart in normal and abnormal rhythms. He covers the drugs and treatments used in this condition, and goes on to discuss a range of self-help measures, including supplements, relaxation techniques, and drinking water with added magnesium bicarbonate. Those of us who suffer from lone atrial fibrillation and have followed Hans' work on the Internet have benefited immensely from his knowledge. I am extremely grateful for his ongoing pursuit of a cure, and I look forward to the wide dissemination of this excellent book."
Sadja Greenwood, MD MPH, CA, USA

"This book is an outstanding and important reference for all afibbers, either veterans or newbies. It is extremely complete, well written, well researched and referenced and easily understood. No facet of LAF is left out - from identification of the condition to conventional medical treatment to holistic therapies along with glossary of appropriate terms and includes a very useful and extensive resource list. Had I had access to this book when I first began LAF 7 years ago, I probably would have not spent so much time lost in the medical limbo of uncertainty regarding treatment options and would have been spared years of anxiety and despair. The author has done a great service to those with LAF with this substantial endeavour. Every afibber should buy two - one for home and one for the physician."
Jackie Burgess, RDH OH, USA

"I received the book 2 days ago and have been reading it every night since. You really capture the flavour of AF. I have never come across anything that describes AF so well, it is so comprehensive, so practical and so well thought out. It helps you understand all the little idiosyncrasies that may/may not be happening. It gives a very valuable tool. Above all else it helps you to take charge and enables active management of a little known condition."
Frances Ross, Scotland, UK

"By writing this book, Hans Larsen has provided an invaluable service to anyone who would like to learn more about the symptoms, diagnosis and treatment options of atrial fibrillation. His book is clear, concise, and easy to read for everyone, whether or not they have prior medical training. The personal accounts interspersed with the well-researched and documented chapters add a unique and very relatable aspect to the work. I heartily recommend this book to anyone who wants to improve their own life or the life of a loved one who suffers from atrial fibrillation."
Randy Lewis, WA, USA

"From my perspective the book is excellent and very professionally done. The medical community in particular should be very impressed – with all the backup references so well done. It is a great starting point for anyone with afib - and a great learning for anyone determined to improve their quality of life - and avoid some of the catastrophes."
Frank McCabe, Dublin, Ireland

"This book will serve as a fabulous aid for anyone looking for guidance for their afib, also as an education for health professionals. I'm impressed with the amount of detail on a great variety of relevant subjects, also the vast amount of referenced writings for anyone wishing to read further."
Erling Waller, CO, USA

"I downloaded a copy of your book as you suggested and want to thank you for the incredible effort you have put into the whole production. As a writer and editor myself, I fully appreciate the work that has gone into this, and the care taken with the background research, references, and appendix that fairly and squarely put it into the realm of real scholarly work. So far I am only half way through the download, but already my own understanding of my condition has taken a quantum leap. There is no doctor alive that could possibly make up for the research that you have provided to all burdened with AF. They simply don't have the time. Everything you say rings so close to my own experience. Most importantly it has reinforced my own intuition with facts that I can now act on. Thanks also for having the courage to express your own qualified opinion on important issues. In many ways this is one of the most important aspects of the book. After all, the problem is not yet solved and we are all in the business of speculating about our own health. Your book has provided a significant platform for all concerned from which to make important judgements about their own health (I just hope that I can persuade my own GP to read it!). Finally, the best compliment I can pay you from someone who has spent half a lifetime in teaching others is simply to say 'I learned a great deal from you, and may the force be with you'."
Alexander Cuthbert PhD
Professor, University of New South Wales

"The first copy arrived and frankly, was a godsend for my friend who has lone atrial fibrillation. It is not just a book. It is a complete treatise on all of the medical information in the field and provides a wealth of organized, researched information to very sick, confused and frightened patients that cannot get .001% of this kind of data from the cardiologists we are astounded to discover are committed to drugs and procedures that can do more damage than the original condition.

With this book, a patient can take charge of their medical care and make enlightened decisions about the selection - and rejection - of doctors, medications, treatments and supplements in a specialty that is loaded with conflicting information and few clear choices. It is tragically apparent that the concept of full disclosure does not exist within most of the medical profession and as a result, patients to their own detriment cannot give informed consent to the treatments cardiologists use. Your book provides patients with the means to overcome this minefield of confusion and gives them a chance to find a cure or at least to minimize the disease and survive intact.

The second book will be a gift to my friend's primary care physician who will use it to direct her medical management and hopefully, a quick recovery.

We are eternally grateful to you for your monumental efforts in putting this book together and making it available to the multitudes who otherwise would suffer in ignorance of their true choices.
Charles Fein, CO, USA

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