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By Hans R. Larsen MSc ChE


LAF Book "Hans Larsen's book on lone atrial fibrillation is unique and extremely useful; the reader will find hope, help and solid information on the condition and its treatments. The table of contents illustrates the comprehensive nature of his exploration, combining personal stories of dealing with atrial fibrillation with a thorough explanation of the working of the heart in normal and abnormal rhythms. He covers the drugs and treatments used in this condition, and goes on to discuss a range of self-help measures, including supplements, relaxation techniques, and drinking water with added magnesium bicarbonate. Those of us who suffer from lone atrial fibrillation and have followed Hans' work on the Internet have benefited immensely from his knowledge. I am extremely grateful for his ongoing pursuit of a cure, and I look forward to the wide dissemination of this excellent book."
Sadja Greenwood, MD MPH, CA, USA

"This book is an outstanding and important reference for all afibbers, either veterans or newbies. It is extremely complete, well written, well researched and referenced and easily understood. Had I had access to this book when I first began LAF 7 years ago, I probably would have been spared years of anxiety and despair. The author has done a great service to those with LAF with this substantial endeavour. Every afibber should buy two - one for home and one for the physician."
Jackie Burgess, RDH, OH, USA


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