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By Hans R. Larsen MSc ChE and William R. Ware PhD

Here is what readers had to say about
The Prostate and Its Problems

LAF Book "At some point in our lives every man will experience prostate problems - some in their thirties - and some will be lucky enough not to experience them until their eighties. Dealing with these problems can vary from being a minor nuisance all the way to the full-blown terror of hearing the doctor say: "You have cancer". Up to now there has never been a clearly written book that helps remove the unnecessary terror while clearly spelling out the well-researched and validated options for avoiding and treating the full range of prostate problems from prostatitis to prostate cancer. What I find especially brilliant in "The Prostate and Its Problems" is the amount of supporting research on the optimum choices of food, supplements and lifestyle to significantly reduce the risk of prostate cancer and the detailed description of alternative treatments for dealing with the inevitable benign prostate hyperplasia. Hans Larsen and William Ware are to be congratulated on their most timely and essential, evidence-based book on the topic of the prostate and its problems."
Frank McCabe, Dublin, Ireland

"Great to have this wonderful book about the prostate problems BACK IN PRINT! It has served me and many of my friends over a decade. Larsen and Ware explain in good, understandable language what most men face with age, even starting in their forties. First, so-called Benign Prostate Hyperplasia, nothing “benign” about that! Later, the scary rise in your PSA number and what it may mean and what it may not indicate. And for those of us who notice sudden jumps in PSA? This “Yellow Bible” about the prostate explains how to communicate as our own advocate with our urologist. If that leads to biopsies (still a very poorly mapped procedure to locate or disprove cancer cells), and if we are out of luck, this tome explains the multitude of possible “next steps”. Tough life-changing decisions have to be made, and my original copy (having been in many of my friends’ sweaty hands) bears proof of diligent reading. Now, I bought the new print, and we can continue with a fresh version. This book is a must for the maturing male consumer, and it also helps you explain to your wife what you are going through, whether it ends with surgery or less invasive procedures. I recommend it highly. I Have Been There!"
John B. Gustavson, Boulder, CO, USA

"The Prostate and Its Problems is very well done and chuck full of most valuable information. I think every male over 45 should have access to this book. I am not an oncologist and I was able to follow the information on prostate cancer very well. I hope you will continue to promote this book. It should be required reading by every physician."
Abram Hoffer, MD, PhD, Victoria, BC

"The Prostate and Its Problems by Hans Larsen and William Ware tackles these thorny issues in a straightforward, easy to understand manner. The myriad questions are addressed via rigorous research translated into plain English. By sifting through all the medical literature they have presented a more balanced view, one that is both evidence-based and objective. Furthermore, unlike more traditional medical texts there is a strong emphasis on alternative, preventive strategies for avoiding inflammation, hyperplasia and cancer of the prostate. Neither author has received funding for this extraordinarily comprehensive work. Both are true scholars motivated purely by the sheer joy of learning and teaching others, and their total dedication to this goal is readily apparent in every page."
Patrick Chambers, MD, Kailua, Oahu, HI

"The fact you are reading this review indicates you have a need for this book. I have read other books on the prostate; however, this is one that is a must read for anyone needing help, this includes wives as well as, of course, men. The information in The Prostate and Its Problems is without a doubt the best I have read on this subject. With the information contained in this book you are well informed to deal with most doctors on the subject of your prostate. Please remember it is YOUR health and it is YOUR decision to make regarding treatment options. Choose wisely."
E G Beall, NC, USA

"I was impressed with its comprehensiveness. I have been pleased that whenever I have a question about the prostate, I can easily find the answers I need in the book. Distinguishing the symptoms of benign prostate enlargement from those of prostate cancer has been particularly reassuring, as well as being able to understand the influences on and significance of the PSA. I keep your book handy on my bookshelf and am glad to have it to rely upon as needed.
J R Lindsley, MA, USA

"The Prostate and Its Problems was recommended by an old friend. It gave me the perfect answers needed for any decision. All the answers seem to be there for me."
RT Morris, CA, USA

"Your book increased my knowledge immeasurably for which I am grateful beyond words."
A Encel, Australia

"Heeding the popular advice for middle-aged men to have a physical exam every year, which naturally includes the prostate rectal exam and a PSA test, my doctor said that I have benign prostatic hyperplasia, or BPH. This was a few years ago, and my symptoms gradually got worse, so I did some research, and when The Prostate and Its Problems came out, I got a copy and read the sections on BPH, its causes and treatments. Visits to the urologist were not comforting. When we concluded that drugs would not be the best treatment, because of side effects, I was put on a waiting list for the surgical treatment called TURP. However, my research on this and other invasive treatments caused me no little dread because of the risks, so I settled instead for what's called 'watchful waiting.'

The sections in Hans' and Bill’s book on alternative treatments and therapies have given me good suggestions, and following some of these suggestions for at least a year now, the results are promising. In my opinion, the book is written in a professional research style, as one would find in medical journals, with a description of many research studies, then a concluding section. I sometimes found it difficult to follow the descriptions, but the summaries were well-written and concise. Its thoroughness over-all is quite impressive."
B Johnston, British Columbia, Canada

"Having perused several books on this subject, I can state that yours is by far the most comprehensive and readable and clarifies several aspects that I had found confusing. When I have learned all I can from it I intend to donate it to our local BC Cancer Agency storefront."
M. Marchant, British Columbia, Canada

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