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By Hans R. Larsen MSc ChE and William R. Ware PhD

Prostate book cover "At some point in our lives every man will experience prostate problems - some in their thirties - and some will be lucky enough not to experience them until their eighties. Dealing with these problems can vary from being a minor nuisance all the way to the full-blown terror of hearing the doctor say: "You have cancer". Up to now there has never been a clearly written book that helps remove the unnecessary terror while clearly spelling out the well-researched and validated options for avoiding and treating the full range of prostate problems from prostatitis to prostate cancer. What I find especially brilliant in "The Prostate and Its Problems" is the amount of supporting research on the optimum choices of food, supplements and lifestyle to significantly reduce the risk of prostate cancer and the detailed description of alternative treatments for dealing with the inevitable benign prostate hyperplasia. Hans Larsen and William Ware are to be congratulated on their most timely and essential, evidence-based book on the topic of the prostate and its problems."
Frank McCabe, Dublin, Ireland

"The Prostate and Its Problems by Hans Larsen and William Ware tackles these thorny issues in a straightforward, easy to understand manner. The myriad questions are addressed via rigorous research translated into plain English. By sifting through all the medical literature they have presented a more balanced view, one that is both evidence-based and objective. Furthermore, unlike more traditional medical texts there is a strong emphasis on alternative, preventive strategies for avoiding inflammation, hyperplasia and cancer of the prostate. Neither author has received funding for this extraordinarily comprehensive work. Both are true scholars motivated purely by the sheer joy of learning and teaching others, and their total dedication to this goal is readily apparent in every page."
Patrick Chambers, MD, Kailua, Oahu, HI

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